on December 22, 2021
If Amy is Joe's daughter, he must know it, RIGHT?
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Nice pic, except for the face diapers. If you are talking of the Joe seen in pictures as late as 2019, yes, he knows. Those who have claimed to be Joe since then have been actors with full face masks, that aren't like the last pic of Joe I saw from 2019. The real Joe had no problem sacrificing hi... View More
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https://youtu.be/baaXNPi6LD0 Joe Biden did not marry his teenage babysitter I hate this false information she was married before Joe and committed adultery with joe she was not a child
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‌ Thanks Tommy for the correction. I noticed the picture of Jill on Joe's lap, which is the picture that has been circulating as the "babysitter". Many blessings my Brother!
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