September 8, 2021
Please read this ASAP!

Our current server is maxed out, during peak hours you will notice photos having issues being uploaded, links not being able to be shared etc. This is because our server can't handle the traffic, we need more servers to handle the load. Our Dev Team can't afford anymore out of our own pockets, we need members support by subscribing to a monthly subscription. Click here to subscribe and keep our freedom of speech platform alive. 

We do not want to go down the road that Parler or Gettr did with taking on multimillionaire investors, we want to be completely uncensored, no data mining or blasting our members with advertisements. We want to be different! We can do this but we need your support. 

Data storage isn't free, bandwidth isn't free, and computing power isn't free. The more we grow the more it cost to keep this platform alive. 

If you have any questions feel free to message the Dev Team or use our live support chat. Also at the top of the page you will see a search box if you search for Turtorial you will find a ton of helpful guides.