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Male. Lives in Thunder Bay, Canada. Is single.
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Said pee-sacky
Like July 11, 2021
Happy Canada Day ! Kinda...sorta
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If anyone has a spare moment a short blurb on how to post like you all do would be a big help I'm not to savy but would like to contribute more than just comments
Like July 1, 2021
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Plan has been around for along time.
Like June 30, 2021
And everyone thought he was such a kind hearted soul. They didn’t use their brains did they! He was sent here from German ideology and accepted by our own Nazi American elite to cushion and fool our thinking.
Like July 1, 2021
First time seeing it...big o'le Jubba daHut swamp thing.... Trump took his time kickin him to the curb !
Like July 1, 2021
I just watched Anne Vandersteel...FBI is at it again!! They went a 73 year old purple heart recipient's home & arrested him in front of his daughters & grandchildren & also went to his son's home & di... View More
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Yet politicians, blm and antifa members remain free to commit real treason, and insurrection! The "tree of liberty" is dying! Dying of thirst!
Like June 26, 2021
This just confirms the swamp is very nervous and scared. 🙏✝️
Like June 26, 2021
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Harrell  Jr
Like June 23, 2021
Like June 23, 2021
Deez Nuts.
Like June 23, 2021
Should be issued in liberals emotional emergency emotion kit.
Like June 23, 2021
Jean Stricklett
Welcome Tim nice to meet ya
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Welcome to RO.
Like June 23, 2021
I believe D.J.T is the chosen one !
updated his profile information.
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