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Lives in on mars, United States. Born on January 1, 1901. Is in a relationship and it's complicated.
About Me
I am Charles Braie I'm the creator of THE MINUTEMAN FILES: I am a student of forensic investigations... View More
Just when YOU thought you saw it all when it comes to chem trailing The Minuteman Files bring you even weirder footage of these mystery trails in our sky. Now you have to ask what the hell created thi... View More
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Good news folks we began the process of reuploading our video collection of the minuteman files I solve the unexplained with undeniable proof the only question is what do you believe? see our video he... View More
"Solar eclipse" in Californias palm springs area has a fantastic view right now folks we are witnessing the first quarter blackout as we type this for the next hour you will have one hell of a view do... View More
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Now we know who is really behind the Oklahoma Bombing apparently Hillary Clinton Was About to Be Indicted Over Her Involvement in The Whitewater Scandal… BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE WAS... View More
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It wasn't a fertilizer bomb that blew it up.
  • October 6, 2023
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