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🚨FOX NEWS BREAKING: TRUMP SAID THAT THIS IS THE CURE!🚨 ⚠️ 🔥 Tucker Carlson has published the great news that METICORE is the cure for every ‘modern’ disease and it is a great protection from Covid-19... View More
I'm over the moon that U joined us ... Oops that darn CAT is ruining the effect!
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Lol nice one! 😉👍🐈
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Like October 12, 2021
Hi Faithfully can you submit friend request again? Hit the wrong button 😔 Thanks!
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Something Always Happens On The Way To The Moon
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Nothing a little Photoshop can’t take care of!
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#G 211010
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Welcome home Gentle Friend , you can find some brief tutorials by entering Tutorial in the Search Bar. This is a work in progress. Hopefully you will find what we've managed to put together helpful. For the Gents Do right by our Gentle Ladies, we're kind of fond of them but they're fierce creatures... View More
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Welcome, thanks for friending and getting verified right away, a little more information and a profile would be great, thank you
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updated their profile photo.
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Jean Stricklett
Sooo cute!!
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1 sweet lookin pup
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Absolutely adorable.
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