Jeff Hertzog
on October 14, 2021 9 views
JC on The Art Bell Show in 2007. Accuses Star Trek of being porn. Food shows are Porn. William Shatner is a spy for enemy nation of Canada. .~~~~ About Professor dJInn: I am a physicist, currently at a national lab. Please check out my band, Deep Blue dJinn at Or you can drop by "Into Infinity" where I go by the handle Shredder.
Find Professor_dJinn on twitter for Biodefense updates and other fun stuff. (@Professor_dJinn)
Special thanks to Art Bell himself for linking to this video from his main site during the end of July 2013. This video was linked off of the "e" in "Ride" from the phrase "Wanna take a ride" . During what appears to be a build up to his return from retirement.
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